I'm happy to say that I'm willing to accept sponsorship for different brands, stores or companies. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact me via email emmabamforth@ymail.com
I'm very thankful to anyone that would like to work with me, however I have full rights to reject suggestions that I feel aren't right for my blog and followers. 

My blog is a Korean beauty, fashion, makeup, life style and travel blog.

Do have a look around my blog and if you feel that your store/brand/company fits my blog and would like to work with me don't hesitate to contact me.  

I accept Product{s} review sponsorship.
I'm am happy to accept product{s} review sponsorship, I am willing to review product{s} that I feel will appeal to my viewers  and I feel passionate about. Please notify me on the product so if I already have it I can inform you straight away. 
All my reviews are 100% my honest thoughts so I can't grantee a positive review. If the product{s} are skincare my review post will be done with in 2-3 weeks, I prefer to really test out any new skincare for at least 2.5 weeks so I can give a totally honest review with my experience using the product{s}.
If product{s} are makeup you can expect a review to be up within a week.

If I like your store/brand/company I would be glad to have your banners on my blog. If I like your brand we can negotiate the length of time you can advertise on my blog. For more information please email me.

If your feel my blog is right for you and your brand/store/company please contact me, I'll be looking forward to working with you:)


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