Saturday, 2 November 2013

♥March 14th,2013: Exciting news?♥

I'm back with a couple of exciting things to say ^^, Okay so the first is that I've finally got my passport yay!! After what felt like forever waiting it arrived last Thursday sitting waiting for me when I got home. For once I don't actually have to complain about the British Post Office high five for that ㅋㅋ

The second piece of news and quite possibly the most exciting thing to date for me is, *ohh the suspense*  I am going to South Korea! Yes that's right who would of thought my first journey abroad would be to Seoul/Suwon. People have told me that it's not really your normal place to visit, especially if it's your first trip abroad. But hey I'm not your normal British girl I guess. Besides the whole lets go to Majorca or Ibiza thing where everyone else seems to go oh and don't get me started on Benidorm. It's just something that doesn't interest me at all especially the likes of Benidorm where it's literately Brits second home. What's the point of visiting a different country when all your surrounded by more British people. Not that I have anything against that it's just that I feel when visiting foreign lands you have to properly experience the country by speaking and surrounded by the locals. Plus the best way to learn about the country and culture is by getting to know the locals. 
Anyway I digress so yes that's right South Korea is my first destination, flights are already booked with British airways. I'll be in Korea from April 3rd to April 18th that's 2 weeks of pure adventure can't wait.! There are a few places I want to see while I'm there one being Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul the royal palace that was home to many generations of royalty throughout the years. And the other being the arty, indie part of Seoul, Hongdae which is located very close to Hongki University it's a well known part of Seoul for it's urban arts, and indie music culture. Which is perfect for me seeing as though I love everything and anything to do with the arts, be it music painting, photography ect... Plus there is a bonus of the fact many of my favourite k-dramas where filmed there, one being Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop 꽃미남 라면가게.

As well as seeing the beautiful Palaces and traditional buildings Korea has to offer shopping is also high on my to do list. Being in the worlds beauty hub just that alone is more than an excuse to shop till I drop, but best check the bank first ㅋㅋ^^  Street after street of beauty and cosmetic stores is a make-up junkies heaven believe me it's going to take all my will power not to spend all my money on cosmetics. But there are a few brands in Korea that we can't get here in the UK so I'm excited to try some of those brands out. Etude House and the Face shop are the two I'm excited about. Slightly worried about if everything will actually fit back in my suit case but that's besides the point. 

Although I'll be busy sight seeing and what not I'm planning on keeping you guys up to date on my trip. So what I'm basically saying is be prepared to be bombarded by photo's, possibly videos and posts while I'm away. Well I guess it's about time to start thinking about what to pack, if you have any suggestions do let me know it is my first time abroad after all. 

♥January 29th 2013: Diary♥


Dear Diary,

Hello it's Emma here So......I've finally started to get things sorted for travelling to Korea... YAY!! happy! Okay I haven't got my passport yetㅠㅠ but it's in the process now hopefully I will receive it soon. Cause I am planing to go on holiday in April so if everything goes smoothly I will be visiting Korea for about 2 weeks maybe. It's my first time going abroad so I'm really excited and nervous too. For a start the flight to Korea is about 10 hours so I think stocking up on some books or fully load my iphone with music might be a good idea. I haven't been on an aeroplane before but I've been told many times that it's the most amazing feeling when the engines starts and you hear the roar of the plane. At the moment imagining that feeling is all I can do but very soon hearing that will be reality. And looking out the window seeing the tiny lights seeing just how small everything in my city is in comparison to the rest of the world. Stepping off the plane, the scent of a different country surrounding me surrounded by the high buildings of Korea. I wonder what my reaction will Seoul and the rest of Korea different from my imagination are the sights as beautiful as I have envisioned? I have a feeling my camera lens will become my eyes snapping photos of everything in sight.

I've herd that Seoul has many wonderful places to visit like 경복궁  (Gyongbokgung Palace) and cause it's going to be April the flowers of spring will be in full bloom. If there is one thing I love and that is the colours of spring the pastel colours sprinkled everywhere like magic fairy dust. And the scent of the beautiful fragrant flowers as they dance in the cool spring breeze. I am very much looking forward to that indeed. 

There are a few things I am worried about and that is language... I can't speak Korean very well, but with the help of Mr.J I am sure everything will be okay. Even so I am still just a little worried about that. Another thing is actually the foods, most food dishes in England are rather plain in taste compared to the spice of Korean foods. Actually I don't think it's a worry it's more like I am curious as to how spicy the foods are. I can just imagine being in a restaurant in tears where I'm not used to the spicy foods...a little embarrassing but funny at the same time ㅋㅋ  

But the one thing I am most looking forward to and that is seeing Mr.J again, he came to visit me in January so I'm really excited to see him again. Mr.J I'm looking forward to seeing your city and travelling around Seoul with you!! I really want to see your favourite places in Seoul I'm looking forward to it. I will see you again very soon :)

Anyway I do hope I will get my passport soon so I can hurry and continue to plan and prepare for my trip:)

♥January 30th 2013: London, UK♥

안녕 친구
It was my first visit to London a few days ago....I know it's strange I'm 19, live in England and haven't been to London before. I'm glad to say I've actually been now yay!! although my friend Vicky says you haven't truly been unless you've experienced the underground. For the record I didn't use the underground :O 

We had really bad snow fall that week so I was so surprised I was even able to go, England covered in a blanket of snow looks really beautiful. Even though the rest of the country seemed to be sleeping while the snow fell not London it seems like the city that never sleeps. My first stop was Buckingham Palace I was actually really surprised the palace seemed a lot smaller than I though it would be but even so it's such a beautiful building. I was a little disappointed the changing of the guards ceremony wasn't being done that day I think probably due to the snow>< non the less I was able to see those famous guards with the strange fuzzy hats.Traditionally they were made from Canadian black bear fur but in recent times they have started to change the hat to artificial fur. 
After seeing the palace and making a wish at the fountain in front we made our way to Trafalgar Square. It was quite a shock seeing how many people there were there I am from a small town so I was amazed by it. Omg something that I was so please about... I was actually able to see the Korean cultural centre I found it totally by accident it's literally down the road from Trafalgar square next to a Sherlock Holmes pub/restaurant. Which I have to say looked really quirky sadly I didn't have enough time to find the Sherlock Holmes museum (knowing my luck it was probably really close to that pub><) I think the next time I'm in London I'll have to take a look at it along with doing a whole lot of shopping...what all girls love shopping right!?^^  well actually next I visit London will be for shopping YAY!!

I was able to see Big Ben during the day and at night both times it looked absolutely stunning especially lit up at night...(I wish I took photo's of it at night but sadly battery died on my phone><, and my feet by that time were really sore from walking so much "not to self remember to use underground next time") Although a must when visiting London is going on the London eye I just didn't manage to do it well that one wasn't because of time but a fear of heights just standing on the ground looking at it gave me butterfly's. 

For me Covent Gardens was the best part of London it's got street performers and a market place really cute shops and a beautiful market where everything was either handmade or hand painted. I love handmade cute little things so it was hard for me to walk away without buy anything. Next time I go seriously I will make sure to buy something from that market!!

The last part of my first trip to London I walked from Big Ben along the Tames  to the Tower of London and London bridge which I have to say looks really amazing at night. By the time I had walked back to Buckingham palace from London bridge my feet were seriously sore it was so cold that I think they had actually frozen. So I made my way back to London Victoria to come home. I had a really great day in London despite the cold and snowy/rainy weather but hey what can I say that's Britain for you:) 

Big Ben from Trafalgar Square (down that road I saw the Korean cultural centre)

Big Ben and the houses of parliment
Buckingham Palace
Me at Buckingham Palace^^

I made a wish in front of the fountain:) 

Famous Guards;)


Fountain seems to be popular with couples^/////^

National Art Gallery

Sherlock, I've found your pub but where's you house?!

Holly cow I've found the Korean Culture Center!!!! 

Have any of you ever been to London, where are you favourite places to hang out?
Until next time
Bye Bye 
Sailor Mars 


안녕 친구
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been really busy and haven't found the time to blog. For a while now I've had a writers block seriously nothing. I'm supposed to be writing a personal statement to enter a makeup course at college. But no matter how long I sit and try to write nothings coming to mind I'm completely blank><
So I just wanted to let you know I'm here and I'm still alive, I do really apologize for the lack of posts.

Also I'm going to be transferring my travel posts from my second blog to here in the next few hours. I've decided to stop posting on there I don't travel enough to have a blog devoted to just traveling. I don't want to lose those posts cause they are precious memories to me. All the posts are from earlier this year so the dates will be completely wrong.

   This will be my only blog that where I'll be sharing travel posts, makeup and beauty hauls, tutorials, randomness and other good stuff:)  

Anyway thank you guys for barring with me and lack of posts. And to all of you that have started following my blog thank you^^
You can look forward to new posts coming soon,
until next time 
bye bye
Sailor Mars :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

♥♥Liebster Award♥♥

I've had Castle Of Dreams for 4 months now, going into it's 5th month I think it's about time I thank you for reading and following my blog. I'm always surprised and a little shocked to know that you guys actually read and take the time to comment on my little blog. All your comments I really do appreciate it so I make sure to write a reply back to you all that comment. There's a big blogging community out there so, for you to have actually of found my little piece of it and include me in your community I truly thank you:)

I would really like to thank Ana of Style the Fashionista for nominating me for my first blog award:) eeeeckk thank you so much ♥♥ She's such a sweet girl and her blog is super cute so please check it out^^

~Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you for the award.
~Tell 5 random fact about yourself.
~Answer the 11 questions asked by your nominee.
~Create a new set of questions.
~nominate 11 newbiee bloggers for the liebster award.

I nominate..
♥. Usesore
♥. Tokki Autumn 

Random Facts:
1. I hate fizzy drinks.
2. I'm a geek and proud of that fact:)
3. I freaking love K-pop and K-dramas.
4. My ears flick out at the bottom. 
5. I still have some of my baby teeth.

Answered questions:
1. Who/What inspired you to blog?
I love makeup and fashion so I wanted to share that with other people that also have the same interests as me. 

2. What is your greatest dream?
Travel around Asia, to study in Seoul South Korea.^^

3. What is your greatest achievement?
Back in April I traveled abroad for the first time to South Korea. Was the best few weeks of my life can't wait to go back there again:)

4. What beauty and fashion brands are your favourite?
Honestly I'm not really a brand type of girl, I mean if I like something I buy it without really caring if it's a brand or not. But that's only for fashion when it comes to beauty that's a different story. 
.MAC. Etude House. Shu uemura♥  

5. What is the most thrilling book you've ever read?
I don't normally read many 'books' I'm more into graphic novels than your normal books. So my favourite books would have to be..
.Sailor Moon. Naruto. Black Bird. Oresama Teacher. Dengeki Daisy. Devil and Her Love Song. Missions of Love.

6. If you will be meeting a superstar tomorrow, who will it be?
Korean actor Lee Min Ho♥♥ amazing actor and sooooo handsome:)

7. Where would you like to travel?
The whole of Asia.

8. If you have the power to do anything right now, what will it be?
To make cherry blossoms bloom all year round:) 

9. What's your favourite YouTube channel?
EatYourKimchi Simon and Martina are a super funny couple living in Korea.I really love their TL;DR's and music Monday's. Whhhha it makes me miss Korea so so much!    

10. Who's your favourite Kardashian/Jenner or any model?
CL and Sandara of 2NE1 
11. What can you say about my blog?
Ana's blog is super sweet she shares about everyday life and fashion posts. For someone so young I'm really impressed by her blog and I'll look forward to her future posts. And also her growth as a blogger:)

My questions for you:)
1. If you were stranded on a island in the middle of no where and could only take 3 beauty products with you, what would they be and why?
2. First country you ever visited.
3. What is your favourite singer/song right now?
4. Name one country you would most like to visit and why.
5. Favourite graphic novel/book?
6. If your were given one wish to have anything you wanted what would it be?
7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
8. How would you describe your style of fashion?
9. What inspired you to start blogging?
10. What flower best represents you?
11. Favourite nail polish at the moment.

Thank you so much for nominating me and thanks for reading:) Don't forget to let me know when you've asked my questions so I can check them out.! If you guys have any questions to ask me don't hesitate to leave a comment, I'd be happy to answer them^^

Until next time
Sailor Mars x  

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

♥ Ulzzang inspired look ♥

First YouTube makeup tutorial ^D^

I'm still alive and I'm back this time with something a little different.... YouTube!!
So I've been umming and arrrrhhhhing about weather or not to start posting YouTube videos, it's a scary leap from blogging. I've never really thought about uploading on YouTube, I was determined not to be sucked in by it.... but it's failed haha. So here's my first Ulzzang inspired makeup tutorial I hope you like do leave me comments below with any ideas or questions. I'd love to read them!!

 Products used:

***MAC select cover-up concealer ~ NW20

***MAC studio fix foundation ~ NC15

***MAC podwer blush ~ ROYAL SUNSET
***Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion
***Urban Decay eye shadow ~ LACED (base colour)
***Naked palette ~ HUSTLE + TOASTED
***Rimmel London stay matte ~ 001 TRANSPARENT
***Bene-tint ~ ROSE
***Shu uemura matte lipstick ~ PK 376 
worn by Yoon Eun-Hye in Korean drama I Miss You 보고싶다* I love that drama!! has anyone else seen it?!

Thanks for reading:)
Until next time
 bye bye
Sailor Mars 
x x
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Saturday, 27 July 2013

♥Mini holiday photo's♥

안녕 친구 :)
It's been a while I know almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Sorry >< I really have been meaning to post more frequently but I got sick again the summer heat really isn't my friend at all. How is it even possible to catch a cold in the summer...seriously?!
Anyway on Monday I was surprised by my lovely dad to a mini 3 day 2 night holiday, to my favourite part of the country.....Torquay, Devon. It was so beautiful down there as usual sitting in the gardens of Cockington have cream tea ahhh that's the life Haha! I've been going there since I was a baby and I'm 20 now so it kind of has a special place in my heart^^ Every year waking up at 3:30am, leaving at 4:00am to start our 4hour journey down there brings back so many happy childhood memories:)

*Pre-warning photo spam alert:) *


Besides having breakfast the first thing on the engender was a mid morning cream tea in the picturesque village of Cockington. Cockington is possibly the most adorable little village I've ever seen, and has the best cream tea's I've ever tasted. Besides a good old Cornish pasty Devon is famous for there cream tea I'm not entirely sure if the Cream tea is known abroad so I'll tell you what it is^^
Basically it's a delicious sweet dessert type snack that is eaten along with a good old cup of British tea Plain scones topped with strawberry jam and clotted cream. ohhhh just talking about it now is making me crave it, believe me the Cream teas served in this place are the best I highly recommend if your in the area  check it out!!

Whenever I have cream tea here the scones are always lovely and warm ahhh it's seriously making me hungry now!>< These tasty treats are delicious but so bad if your on a diet like me but one wont hurt right?

Piano man ^D^ this guys always there setting a cheerful mood in the summer sun.

Me and my lovely younger brother who just so happens to have the same name as our new born future King George;)

*Sailor Mars on an off day haha*


Day 2 was a venture to Brixham the cute little fishing town west of Torquay.

This place sells the best fudge I've ever had.


 My holly grail ice cream store, I've never even herd of half the flavors they do here. Apple crumble? how can anyone eat apple crumble ice cream the dessert is gross. blahhhh

Possibly the creepiest doll I've ever seen.


Best bit of pastry this country has to offer a good old pasty^^

Nom Nom bubblegum ice cream mwahaha

Thank you for reading I hope you liked it(♥_♥) 
until next time 
bye bye 
Sailor Mars xx