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'Geek Zone' is a little part of my blog where I'll be keeping track of all my geeky goodness. i.e Manga, Manhwa, Anime collections...

Manga Collection as of 11/02/2014:

xxxHolic volumes 1-17

Nabari No Ou volumes 1-6

Spiral: The bonds of reasoning volumes 1

Angel Sanctuary volumes 1-20

Inuyasha Viz big edition volume 1-8

Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus volumes 1-3

The Betrayal Knows My Name volumes 1

Legend (Manhwa) volumes 1-4

S.S.ASTRO volume 1 *one shot*

Vampire Knight volumes 1-12

Dengeki Daisy volumes 1-13

Oresama Teacher volumes 1-10

The Wallflower volumes 1-11

Nura: Rise of the Yokai clan volumes 1-2

Blue exorcist volumes 1-9

Kimi Ni Todoke volumes 1-7

Shugo Chara volumes 1-3

Otomen volumes 1-8

Black Bird volumes 1-17

A devil and her love song volumes 1-4

Demon love spell volumes 1,2,4

Midnight Secretary volumes 1

Missions of love volumes 1

Sakura Hime volumes 1-8

The Gentlemen's Alliance + volumes 1-3

The time stranger kyoko volumes 1-3 *complete*

Mistress fortune volumes 1 *one shot*

Kamikaze kaito Jeanne volumes 1-7 *complete*

Sailor Moon short stories volume 1

Sailor Moon volumes 1-12 *complete*

SailorV volumes 1-2 *complete*

Wedding Peach volumes 1-6 +young love  *complete*

Crown of love volumes 1-2

Fushigi Yugi volumes 1

Absolute boyfriend volumes 1-6 *complete*

My girlfriends a geek volume 1

Kiss me Kill me volume 1

Alice in the country of heart volumes 1-4

Your and my secret volume 1-3

Naruto volumes 1-13 +28-33

Rosario+Vampire volume 1-9 (1st season)

Ceres celestial legend volumes 1-14 *complete*

Fruits Basket volumes 1-23 *complete*

Demon diary volumes 1-7 *complete*

Bleach volumes 1-37      

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