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I'm Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars's Transformation Pen Sailor Mars's Star Power Stick Sailor Mars's Crystal Change Rod
Welcome to my small part of the universe where I like to share my love for everything from cosmetics, dramas, music to just pure randomness...

On my little blog your likely to find me fan girling over Korean cosmetics, K-pop and K-dramas. I'm a huge fan of Lee Hi, 2NE1 and an addict for Korean romantic comedy dramas.
I'm also a keen traveler love love love traveling, only been abroad once though but it was so awesome I've become addicted. I can't wait to get back to Korea... roll on next year (2014!)
Ah I should also mention I'm a geek yep, I love nothing better than reading a good manga.
So I guess you could say I'm not your average 20 year old British girl  

*All photo's are taken by me unless other wise stated any photo's that don't belong to me I will link them to original owner. My reviews are my honest opinions and thoughts if I don't like a product I will tell you! and all things seen on my blog were purchased by myself with my own money. If anything is sent to me I will be sure to make it known.*

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