Tuesday, 14 May 2013

♥Etude House♥Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam{review}

{Etude House Baking Powder Pore cleansing foam is formulated with baking powder and to gently exfoliate and penetrate pores for a thorough cleanse}

Product info:
~Apply to wet face and lather, massage thoroughly and rinse with warm water.

~Removes makeup, dirt and excess sebum.
~100% natural scent.
~Pigment free

Purchased at: Kokosmetics 
Price: £12 
 (6,500원 on the Etude House site )
Amount: 170ml

skin after use

This cleanser isn't like anything I've ever tried before one of the reasons being it actually works, but I'll get onto that a little bit later. The cleanser has a thick cream texture, which also has tiny granules in for gently exfoliating the skin. Though you can't really tell cause the granules are so tiny I really like that, I hate feeling like I'm rubbing sand paper over my face when using some exfoliators. One of the best things I've found when using this is that it lathers really well and with a small amount of product. So this 170ml tube will really  last me a good while. 

For me I wouldn't say the scent smells totally natural cause it has a mix of lemon and sherbet. Lemon sherbet candy is what I think of whenever I use this. Not that it's a bad thing I quite like the smell (and taste of lemon sherbet. That's one thing I love about Etude House products the always smell so amazingly sweet and fruity! 

Does it work?
Yes it does since using this cleanser I've seen some really great results my skin looks brighter and clearer. I wouldn't say the blacked heads I have around my nose are completely gone but they are considerably lighter and fewer than before. Although it doesn't say anything about tightening the skin, while I've been using this my skin really feels tighter. And one problem I always have when it comes to any type of skin care or makeup product is finding something that wont irritate my skin. Seriously it's really annoying I have the most strangest skin I can use a product a couple of times and be fine with it, then other times using the same product my skin will flare up. I've used this cleanser for over 2 weeks now and it hasn't broke me out once and it hasn't caused any irritation at all. There's a few more products in this line that I'm yet to try, using all the products in this line I am sure the results would be a lot better than with just using one. Having said that I am extremely happy with this cleanser and I'll be re-buying it.

♥♥♥♥♥5/5 Loved it!!
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