Thursday, 4 July 2013

♥I'm Blooming {Etude house review}♥

{Etude House I'm Blooming sebum control mist}

Directions in Korean.
Direction in English.

Product info:
~This sebum control list thoroughly hydrates thirsty skin skin while controlling oil and shine, providing soft powdery skin.

~Strengthen skin's natural vitality.
~Helps maintain fresh healthy skin.
~Contains 95.5% of early summer green tea extract, that balances out skin's moisture level.

Purchased at: Kokosmetics
Price: £12
Amount: 150ml

Before mist.
After mist.
Where to buy:
I brought mine from Kokosmetics, purely because I've ordered from them before. They are based in the UK and at reasonable prices plus free shipping (limited time UK only). Which is a major factor for me when ordering online, plus there customer service is really good and shipping to me is super fast. 

Maybe I don't have a very good sense of smell cause the scent is really really faint, I can hardly smell anything at all. Which in some ways I guess is okay it's not a perfume after all but I would of like the scent to have been a little stronger.    

As always with Etude House products the packaging is super cute, pretty pink and girly. That's what always attracts me to Etude House the other reason it's affordable and genuinely works. The bottle is also a sugar pink colour and has the same cute little flowers on the front of it. It's just super super cute!! I also like the spray nozzle on this it releases a light mist and doesn't drench my face in water, so I can apply it after makeup and during the day when I feel my face is becoming a little oily

Final thoughts:
With the muggy weather we've been having in the UK I tend to find my face a lot more oily than usual. So I was really looking for something that would help me control that shine. The mist works reasonably well but doesn't completely stop my skin from becoming oily it lasts for about 3-4 hours on my skin. Then I have to start misting my face again, which can sometimes be a pain if I'm working. But having said that it really refreshes my skin through out the day and has a cooling effect on my skin. I really love that about this product. It's a nice product to have but isn't very travel friendly for my bag. 

Overall I like this mist it works reasonably well and a good inexpensive price. Though I wouldn't go to Etude House especially to buy, it's something I quiet enjoy and might purchase again.

I liked it but wasn't blown away by it. 

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Sailor Mars ;)

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