Saturday, 2 November 2013

♥January 29th 2013: Diary♥


Dear Diary,

Hello it's Emma here So......I've finally started to get things sorted for travelling to Korea... YAY!! happy! Okay I haven't got my passport yetㅠㅠ but it's in the process now hopefully I will receive it soon. Cause I am planing to go on holiday in April so if everything goes smoothly I will be visiting Korea for about 2 weeks maybe. It's my first time going abroad so I'm really excited and nervous too. For a start the flight to Korea is about 10 hours so I think stocking up on some books or fully load my iphone with music might be a good idea. I haven't been on an aeroplane before but I've been told many times that it's the most amazing feeling when the engines starts and you hear the roar of the plane. At the moment imagining that feeling is all I can do but very soon hearing that will be reality. And looking out the window seeing the tiny lights seeing just how small everything in my city is in comparison to the rest of the world. Stepping off the plane, the scent of a different country surrounding me surrounded by the high buildings of Korea. I wonder what my reaction will Seoul and the rest of Korea different from my imagination are the sights as beautiful as I have envisioned? I have a feeling my camera lens will become my eyes snapping photos of everything in sight.

I've herd that Seoul has many wonderful places to visit like 경복궁  (Gyongbokgung Palace) and cause it's going to be April the flowers of spring will be in full bloom. If there is one thing I love and that is the colours of spring the pastel colours sprinkled everywhere like magic fairy dust. And the scent of the beautiful fragrant flowers as they dance in the cool spring breeze. I am very much looking forward to that indeed. 

There are a few things I am worried about and that is language... I can't speak Korean very well, but with the help of Mr.J I am sure everything will be okay. Even so I am still just a little worried about that. Another thing is actually the foods, most food dishes in England are rather plain in taste compared to the spice of Korean foods. Actually I don't think it's a worry it's more like I am curious as to how spicy the foods are. I can just imagine being in a restaurant in tears where I'm not used to the spicy foods...a little embarrassing but funny at the same time ㅋㅋ  

But the one thing I am most looking forward to and that is seeing Mr.J again, he came to visit me in January so I'm really excited to see him again. Mr.J I'm looking forward to seeing your city and travelling around Seoul with you!! I really want to see your favourite places in Seoul I'm looking forward to it. I will see you again very soon :)

Anyway I do hope I will get my passport soon so I can hurry and continue to plan and prepare for my trip:)

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