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♥January 30th 2013: London, UK♥

안녕 친구
It was my first visit to London a few days ago....I know it's strange I'm 19, live in England and haven't been to London before. I'm glad to say I've actually been now yay!! although my friend Vicky says you haven't truly been unless you've experienced the underground. For the record I didn't use the underground :O 

We had really bad snow fall that week so I was so surprised I was even able to go, England covered in a blanket of snow looks really beautiful. Even though the rest of the country seemed to be sleeping while the snow fell not London it seems like the city that never sleeps. My first stop was Buckingham Palace I was actually really surprised the palace seemed a lot smaller than I though it would be but even so it's such a beautiful building. I was a little disappointed the changing of the guards ceremony wasn't being done that day I think probably due to the snow>< non the less I was able to see those famous guards with the strange fuzzy hats.Traditionally they were made from Canadian black bear fur but in recent times they have started to change the hat to artificial fur. 
After seeing the palace and making a wish at the fountain in front we made our way to Trafalgar Square. It was quite a shock seeing how many people there were there I am from a small town so I was amazed by it. Omg something that I was so please about... I was actually able to see the Korean cultural centre I found it totally by accident it's literally down the road from Trafalgar square next to a Sherlock Holmes pub/restaurant. Which I have to say looked really quirky sadly I didn't have enough time to find the Sherlock Holmes museum (knowing my luck it was probably really close to that pub><) I think the next time I'm in London I'll have to take a look at it along with doing a whole lot of shopping...what all girls love shopping right!?^^  well actually next I visit London will be for shopping YAY!!

I was able to see Big Ben during the day and at night both times it looked absolutely stunning especially lit up at night...(I wish I took photo's of it at night but sadly battery died on my phone><, and my feet by that time were really sore from walking so much "not to self remember to use underground next time") Although a must when visiting London is going on the London eye I just didn't manage to do it well that one wasn't because of time but a fear of heights just standing on the ground looking at it gave me butterfly's. 

For me Covent Gardens was the best part of London it's got street performers and a market place really cute shops and a beautiful market where everything was either handmade or hand painted. I love handmade cute little things so it was hard for me to walk away without buy anything. Next time I go seriously I will make sure to buy something from that market!!

The last part of my first trip to London I walked from Big Ben along the Tames  to the Tower of London and London bridge which I have to say looks really amazing at night. By the time I had walked back to Buckingham palace from London bridge my feet were seriously sore it was so cold that I think they had actually frozen. So I made my way back to London Victoria to come home. I had a really great day in London despite the cold and snowy/rainy weather but hey what can I say that's Britain for you:) 

Big Ben from Trafalgar Square (down that road I saw the Korean cultural centre)

Big Ben and the houses of parliment
Buckingham Palace
Me at Buckingham Palace^^

I made a wish in front of the fountain:) 

Famous Guards;)


Fountain seems to be popular with couples^/////^

National Art Gallery

Sherlock, I've found your pub but where's you house?!

Holly cow I've found the Korean Culture Center!!!! 

Have any of you ever been to London, where are you favourite places to hang out?
Until next time
Bye Bye 
Sailor Mars 

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