Saturday, 2 November 2013

♥March 14th,2013: Exciting news?♥

I'm back with a couple of exciting things to say ^^, Okay so the first is that I've finally got my passport yay!! After what felt like forever waiting it arrived last Thursday sitting waiting for me when I got home. For once I don't actually have to complain about the British Post Office high five for that ㅋㅋ

The second piece of news and quite possibly the most exciting thing to date for me is, *ohh the suspense*  I am going to South Korea! Yes that's right who would of thought my first journey abroad would be to Seoul/Suwon. People have told me that it's not really your normal place to visit, especially if it's your first trip abroad. But hey I'm not your normal British girl I guess. Besides the whole lets go to Majorca or Ibiza thing where everyone else seems to go oh and don't get me started on Benidorm. It's just something that doesn't interest me at all especially the likes of Benidorm where it's literately Brits second home. What's the point of visiting a different country when all your surrounded by more British people. Not that I have anything against that it's just that I feel when visiting foreign lands you have to properly experience the country by speaking and surrounded by the locals. Plus the best way to learn about the country and culture is by getting to know the locals. 
Anyway I digress so yes that's right South Korea is my first destination, flights are already booked with British airways. I'll be in Korea from April 3rd to April 18th that's 2 weeks of pure adventure can't wait.! There are a few places I want to see while I'm there one being Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul the royal palace that was home to many generations of royalty throughout the years. And the other being the arty, indie part of Seoul, Hongdae which is located very close to Hongki University it's a well known part of Seoul for it's urban arts, and indie music culture. Which is perfect for me seeing as though I love everything and anything to do with the arts, be it music painting, photography ect... Plus there is a bonus of the fact many of my favourite k-dramas where filmed there, one being Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop 꽃미남 라면가게.

As well as seeing the beautiful Palaces and traditional buildings Korea has to offer shopping is also high on my to do list. Being in the worlds beauty hub just that alone is more than an excuse to shop till I drop, but best check the bank first ㅋㅋ^^  Street after street of beauty and cosmetic stores is a make-up junkies heaven believe me it's going to take all my will power not to spend all my money on cosmetics. But there are a few brands in Korea that we can't get here in the UK so I'm excited to try some of those brands out. Etude House and the Face shop are the two I'm excited about. Slightly worried about if everything will actually fit back in my suit case but that's besides the point. 

Although I'll be busy sight seeing and what not I'm planning on keeping you guys up to date on my trip. So what I'm basically saying is be prepared to be bombarded by photo's, possibly videos and posts while I'm away. Well I guess it's about time to start thinking about what to pack, if you have any suggestions do let me know it is my first time abroad after all. 

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